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My Night in the Planetarium 

About the Show

Best-selling children's book author Innosanto Nagara's true story of art and social protest comes to life as a dynamic pop-up puppet show. Created and performed by fellow artist/activist Tanya Nixon-Silberg, the show transports audiences to Jakarta in the 1970s, where 7-year-old Inno learns firsthand how a play has the power to spark a resistance movement. Featuring designs by Puppet Showplace Resident Artist Sarah Nolen, the story is brought to life with a rich soundscape, visual transformations, and kid-centered lessons about social justice.

Recommended for all ages 5 and up.My Night in the Planetarium is a collaboration between Tanya Nixon-Silberg/ Little Uprisings, Innosanto Nagara ,  Sarah Nolen and Roxanna Myhrum. 

Puppetry and Social Protest for Kids

My Night in the Planetarium is the culmination of a multi-year partnership between Tanya Nixon-Silberg and Puppet Showplace Theater that explored the power of puppetry to translate complex, difficult realities of colonialism, dictatorship, and dissent into kid-centered stories and scenes.

Using Nagara's vivid illustrations from all of his books, puppeteer Sarah Nolen created an intricate pop-up book world, which Nixon-Silberg skillfully animates. In keeping with Little Uprising’s mission, the show invites frequent and active audience participation. 

Funded by grants from the Jim Henson Foundation and the Boston Foundation's Live Arts Boston program, the show offers families an engaging artistic experience aimed at sparking conversations about fairness, justice, and the power of protest.

LEARN MORE: Read Innosanto Nagara’s Washington Post Interview about My Night in the Planetarium and social justice activism for kids.


image courtesy of Alex U. Griffon

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