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"We want to cultivate young people who across the course of their lifetimes, will disrupt, disquiet or unhinge oppression." - Dr. Gholdy Muhammad

Davis Leadership Academy 2019

Photo Credit: Tess Scheflan  

Little Uprisings seeks to eliminate the pattern of one day professional development seminars that may share a wealth of knowledge, but then disappear. Led by an experienced racial justice educator, Little Uprisings will not just come to teach, but will serve as a true partner to walk through real change with you. Changing the culture of a school is an undertaking that takes time, commitment, and regular assessment. 


If you are an educator, you may have had professional development and training, but how do you know how to apply what you learn to your curriculum? What does true racial justice look like in your classroom every day, and what changes need to happen to make that vision a reality? What must an administration embrace and uplift in order to create a space where Racial Justice is weaved into the fabric and culture of a school or district? Little Uprisings offers a wrap around approach to teach, support, and walk with you through the journey of making this vision real.


The team is available to support a school’s work through

  • Curriculum development and revision

  • Adaptation of existing curriculum, using a culturally proficient/racial justice lens

  • Coaching teachers and administrators 

  • Providing demo lessons

  • Supporting the implementation of changes by facilitating regular evaluations and reevaluations 

  • Conducting ongoing cycles of inquiry: 

    • Training workshops 

    • Implementation support

      • coaching 

      • observation 

      • consultation 

    • Evaluation and revision of strategies and goals, with an opportunity to begin a new cycle.

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