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A Collaboration between Little Uprisings & The Gottabees!


Play for Change is an educational, interactive series of imagined adventures and uprisings for children and families.




Using play and joy, Tanya and Bonnie bring their expertise as educators for racial justice and theater makers for young audiences to empower youth to imagine themselves as change makers, to practice being change makers, and to ultimately be the change makers.  

We need spaces in which children can imagine themselves within this moment. 

One tried and true way to engage youth about the world is through play. As beloved educator and visionary Fred Rogers said, “play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

About the Gottabees: 

Puppets!  Original music!  A Tiny Bit of Acrobatics!  Adventure and Invention!  The Gottabees started making super fun theater for families in 2013 with the creation of Squirrel Stole My Underpants and it’s follow-up, Lollipops for Breakfast, in 2015.  They have since been selling out venues and inspiring homemade puppet shows throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.  They aim to inspire community, connection, and autonomy by providing an outlet for families to giggle, gasp, sigh, and cheer in forty-five minutes or less.


The Gottabees' stories reflect children's everyday aspirations, concerns, and emotional experiences.  Their wordless approach to storytelling removes language barriers and activates different aspects of their audience's imagination.  The result is a poetic, non­linear story that surprises audiences.

This project has grown out of our shared love of building community through art and action; our deep respect and trust of children's perspectives and voices; and our friendship as mothers, artists, and educators.  We are currently delivering Play for Change and looking forward to being in your community!

- Bonnie & Tanya

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